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          Webinar Info:

          Wed, April 19, 2017
          12:30pm EDT

          Presented by:

          Brian Thackston

          Brian Thackston

          Director of Operations

          Arsham Mirshah

          Arsham Mirshah

          CEO & Co-Founder

          Learn How To Set Up and Effectively Use Google’s Data Studio

          In this hour long webinar, you’ll learn how to:

          • Quickly set-up your first multi-channel Data Studio report
          • Easily integrate Google and non-Google data sources
          • Consolidate monthly reporting into a one-stop dynamic dashboard
          • Seamlessly share your report with team members and clients
          • …And more!

          Who Should Watch
          Any leading edge marketing professional will enjoy this, but this workshop is particularly applicable to multi-channel marketing managers, agency account executives, and those who report on data regularly.

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